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Changing Perspectives

maart 31st, 2008

(geschreven als afsluiting van de cursus Theatre Research in Practice (Master theaterwetenschap i.s.m. HKU, maart 2008)

Changing perspectives: An art based research on restructuring the viewer’s perspective

This post is based upon the research I have been doing in the lost couple of months. A theoretical research on the idea of doing art based research and an art based research on the question in what way we can restructure a viewer’s perspective. In this post I would like to evaluate and reflect on my research and share some results that came out of it. It will be quite a long post so click on “Continue reading ‘Changing Perspectives’” if you have the time.
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pauze (performance)

maart 1st, 2008

Op 14, 15 en 16 februari was in Huis aan de Werf de Soirée des Ateliers Theater & Games. Tijdens de Soirée was de playful performance Pauze te zien . Voor meer informatie download de flyer en zie de website van Huis aan de Werf.

Meer over deze playful performance is te lezen in de post Changing perspectives op de nieuwspagina.

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