poetry and performance


In February 2020 I decided to start sharing some of my dance inspired poems online. You can find these on the website tagged under poetry.


Dance inspired poems
At the open mic of Perdu I shared five dance inspired poems:
The intimacy of bright blue bodies
Scapes of intertia
Slowly, very slowly
Next to each other
Amsterdam: Perdu, November 1st, 2019

Voordracht Nederlandstalige gedichten
Mensen zeggen dingen, ‘s Hertogenbosch. 14 juni 2019

Blank Whispers (work in progress)
João Dinis Pinho & Jochem Naafs
Blank whispers shows the research we have been doing together. As in a Chinese Whisper game, we are sharing poetry and dance and giving continuation to this material, letting it shift shapes (potentially for eternity). Everytime we come together is a performance. Jochem brings a poem, reflecting on João’s last dance (which reflected on Jochem’s previous poem). João brings a dance, reflecting on Jochem’s last poem (which reflected on João’s previous dance). From here many new options emerge: we can perform both the dance and the poem at the same time, we could give feedback on the feedback, etc.

Presented during Come Together #4. Amsterdam: Theater Frascati. January 25th, 2018.

Lecture on Poetics – To what extent is reflecting a dis/embodied act?
Through the idea of poiesis, the act of making, the production of something, lecturer/ researcher Jochem Naafs will address the importance of both the act itself as well as the thing that is created through this act. Through this he would like to get away from the tendency within arts education to dissect thinking and reflecting from doing and acting. To what extend is reflecting a dis/embodied act?
Presented at the International Platform for Performance Training: March 11th, 2017

Poetic reflection on Moving Futures
Rotterdam: Rotterdamse Schouwburg, February 23rd 2017

Pop-up Poetry
Presented during Come Together #3. Amsterdam: Theater Frascati: January 19th, 2017

Poetic Lecture/ Lecture on Poetics
Presented at the 4th IDOCDE symposium, ImpulsTanz, Vienna, Austria
July 29, 2016 and at Refl(a)cting on Arts, Design and Art Education at ArtEZ University of the Arts, November 2016.

De indringer
Poëtische dansvoorstelling. i.s.m. met Jan Mulder

Waar ben je bang voor?
Ben je bang dat ik je aanraak?
Ben je bang dat ik dichtbij kom?
Dichterbij dan je gewend bent?

De indringer gaat over angst voor het onbekende. Wanneer het dichterbij komt. Wanneer het blijkt te praten. Wanneer het ‘gewoon’ net als jij blijkt te zijn. Is de indringer een herinnering of een droom die zich aan je opdringt, of is het de vluchteling die naar Nederland komt?

Presented at Kluutfest, the Netherlands, June 5th 2017

Transforming Memories
A lecture performance which discusses the idea of objects as containers of evertransforming memories. Within my research project on the opportunities of performative research I use objects to stimulate students and professionals into performative dialogues. I am interested in how objects transform the language used within conversations and how working with the same objects in various settings turn these into (changing) memory containers of these events.

Presented at body^space^object^memory^identity symposium, Coventry University, UK. May 20th, 2016

Associative Writing and the Lecture Performance
A serial lecture performance presented at HKU MA Scenography (December 4th, 2014), HKU Lectoraat Performatieve maakprocessen (January 28th, 2015), ArtEZ Honours Programme (February 18th, 2015) and Theater Kikker (March 6th, 2015),

zonder titel
A lecture performance on art and activism.

Presented at Cultdealer (April 24th, 2014) and HKU MAPLAB (May 20th, 2014)

Minotaure! Minotaure, c’est toi!!
Acht personen bevinden zich plotseling in een labyrint. Gezamenlijk starten zij een zoektocht; naar de ander, naar zichzelf, naar de uitgang. Nieuwsgierig naar de minotaurus en elkaar raken ze in gesprek over keuzevrijheid en de wil om te veranderen. Van boven gezien is een labyrint één object. Je kan zien waar het begint en waar het eindigt. Je kunt de gevaren zien. Maar als je je in het labyrint bevindt weet je nooit wat je aantreft. Als je je minotaurus vindt blijft het de vraag wie hij is en hoe je hem verslaat en vooral of je hem wel wilt verslaan.

Presented at Ecofestival Landen (October 19th and 20th, 2014)

Projecting on Der (kommende) Aufstand nach andcompany&Co (lecture performance)

Presented at Brunel University (London), De Singel (Antwerpen), Danslab (Den Haag), HKU (Utrecht), Cultfest (Utrecht)

A lecture performance based on my Master thesis Theatre Studies.
Presented at HKU Theatre, Utrecht

Fiat Fortuna
Presented at Spinoza presenteert:, Utrecht


Presented at Soirée des Ateliers, Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht