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maart 20th, 2011

Together with Danslab BIT will organize a shift during PSi#17: Camillo 2.0.

Hypermap is a lab for the remembering, combining and forgetting of (embodied) knowledge. Camillo’s “Theatre of Memory” transforms ‘scholars into spectators’, so argues Camillo in L’idea del Teatro. He imagined a theatre in its ‘original sense’ – as a place in which a spectacle unfolds. This aspect of Camillo’s idea inspired BIT and Danslab to create an interactive installation concerning memory and knowledge: Hypermap. Hypermap is an installation of the multiple that functions as an ‘external representation’ of a shared memory of knowledge – the one of that specific moment; a memory that can be perceived and which feeds off the input of the visitors who themselves become participants. Hypermap will be presented during the Performance Studies International Conference #17: Camillo 2.0 Technology, Memory, Experience in Utrecht.

For more information on Hypermap please visit: BIT Dansdramaturgie

For more information on the conference please visit