Beginning, Middle, End

april 7th, 2009

Currently I am working with Michael Pinchbeck, a Nottingham based writer, live artist and performance artist. Together with Andrea Bozic and Madalina Dan he makes the performance Beginning, Middle, End. The startingpoint is that every artist takes one part. Andrea takes Beginning together with Julia Willms, Madalina takes Middle and Michael takes End. Michael asked me for dramaturgical advise for his part. The performance will première at Springdance on April 22 and will also play on the 23rd.
For more information visit their blog.

Beginning, Middle, End – Andrea Bozic / Madalina Dan / Michael Pinchbeck
Three artists meet for the first time. They make a performance about the beginning, the middle and the end of an encounter. This is the beginning.

Andrea takes the beginning, Madalina takes the middle and Michael takes the end. The beginning is about a beginning, the middle is about a middle and the end is about an end. This is the middle.
They play with threes. Three dances. Three artists. Three countries. Three bears. Three ways to tell a story or to sing a song. Three in One. They make three entrances and three exits. This is the end.

Andrea Bozic (HR/NL), Madalina Dan (ROU) and Michael Pinchbeck (UK) took part in Springdance Dialogue 2008. They proposed Beginning Middle End for Springdance 2009 to enable both a collaboration and an important sense of autonomy. They identified many intersections in their work; shared interests in absence and presence; issues of embodiment and self-referentiality; fictionalising personal life and personalising fictional life. Beginning Middle End has been built around the artists’ presence and absence in each other’s creative processes. Interested in the connections between their practices and the space between their practices, the artists asked how they might inhabit each other’s work and exit their own.

Production credits:
Concept and performance: Andrea Bozic, Madalina Dan, Michael Pinchbeck
Live drawing (Beginning): Julia Willms
Dramaturgical advice (End): Jochem Naafs
Produced by the Springdance Festival (in co-production with Theater Frascati), financially supported by the Europe in Motion project.

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