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The Post Show Party Show

december 1st, 2008

December 5th and 6th The Post Show Party Show is coming to Amsterdam. Ivana Müller invited Michael Pinchbeck on behalf of Frascati to perform it as ‘supporting programme’ of her performance Playing Ensemble Again and Again. He was one of the participants of Springdance Dialogue last April. This performance was shown there and the intriguing combination of re-enacting the past and being in the here and now hit me. Pinchbeck seems to have found a fascinating way in which the past and the present get mixed up and reinvented. Here are two quotes from the text I wrote for Springdance:

“At the start of The Post Show Party Show, every spectator is offered a drink. In this performance, Michael Pinchbeck very clearly plays with the here and now. He mentions his own presence and his father’s as actors, as well as the audience’s presence. He combines this layer in the performance with an attempt at re-enacting The Sound of Music and the post show party after the amateur performance of the musical in which his parents met in 1970”.

“Memory, nostalgia and the personal play an important role in Pinchbeck’s work. In The Long and Winding road and Sit with me for a moment and remember, he invites the audience to accompany him in a car or on a bench for a one-to-one performance. If they ask, he talks with his visitor about his reasons for inviting them to join him. In The Post Show Party Show, Michael Pinchbeck returns to the past once more. In these performances, he does not tell a story about himself or voice his opinion about a subject. He tries to recount what has happened and how he relates to these events: always looking for what is left behind to see what is lost”.

The Post Show Part Show – Michael Pinchbeck
December 5 and 6: 19.30 in Frascati2
December 6: 18.45 Pinchbeck discusses his work with dramaturge Jeroen Fabius

Playing Ensemble Again and Again – Ivana Müller
December 3/6: 21.00 in Frascati1