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Processing Dance – Relations in the creative process

juli 30th, 2010

The weekend of September 25th and 26th I will give a lecture and teach a workshop on process dramaturgy at Tanzfabrik Berlin during the Perfect Wedding festival.  For more information visit the website of Tanzfabrik Berlin: or contact me.

“Processing Dance – Relations in the creative process” – Public Lecture & Workshop

25.9._Sa_13 h_Public Lecture_25. & 26.9._Sa/So_Workshop_in Englisch
What does affect you when you are making a performance? Is it the performer or the technician you’re working with, or are you also influenced by the technology itself, by the chair in the studio, by the sounds from outside? Every process has its dramaturgy, its time based story with interacting actors. During this workshop we will become aware of the human and non-human “actors“ that are working with or against us in a creative process. We will work on a small becoming-performance. By being aware of the relations between makers, objects and questions in various phases of the process we will be able to process, and then stimulate the practice of others. The workshop will start with a public lecture that is used as a theoretical framework for processing dance in process.

Jochem Naafs is a researcher, dramaturge, writer and live artist based in Utrecht and Berlin. He studied Theatre and New Media Studies (MA) at the Utrecht University. In his work he constantly merges theory and practice. Currently he is working as a researcher for the research group Theatre-making processes (HKU) and as a lecturer for the Professional School of the Arts Utrecht. He worked as a dramaturge with Powerboat, Michael Pinchbeck, Jack Gallagher and participants of Choreoroam, wrote articles for various organisations and magazines. As a live artist he created the lecture performance Jij, and the performance Pauze. |

The workshop is part of a research on transdisciplinary making processes and is made possible by the research group Theatre-making Processes of the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU).

Public lecture “Processing Dance“
25.9.2010, 13 – 14 h

25.9.2010, 14 – 16 h /20 h, The Half, performance (part of the workshop)
26.9.2010, 13 – 16 h
Level open Fee: 45,- / 35,- € concessionary rate on arrival of the full workshop fee before 13.9.10 and for professional performers; Performance The Half is included


Ort: Tanzfabrik Berlin/Wedding in den Uferstudios
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

A short update

januari 26th, 2010

The publication of Springdance on Europe in Motion is available and can be requested via Springdance.

I visited Choreoroam in Rotterdam, Bassano del Grappa and London during 2009. Choreoroam is a program for exchange and research and development for choreographers.  Now I am working on an article on the international dialogue in the dance community for Dansateliers based on my observations and on interviews with Choreoroam participants.

Rogier Brom and I are finishing our dialogue on Nieuwe Grond and the cultural climate of Utrecht. It will be available soon on this website and on We both wrote a main text and used these texts to start a dialogue on the various themes we recognised during the Nieuwe Grond symposium.

The symposium on Dance Dramaturgy was a succes. More information and reflection soon on

From the first of February untill the end of August 2010 I will work from and in Berlin instead of Utrecht. I hope I will get to know the local dance and performance scene.