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oktober 7th, 2010

Last weekend the new publication by Danslab No maps for these territories was presented at the Nederlandse Dansdagen. Together with Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar, Diane Elshout and Lotte Wijers I wrote an article based on our research on artistic research and exchange in the dance scene in the Netherlands: “Parallels and Differences”. More information soon on

On October 29th BIT and Danslab will organize in collaboration with Theater Frascati a Frame on this subject in Theater Frascati from 14.00-18.00 hrs.

No maps for these territories is a “book with three seasons of research and discourse: by means of various reports, moving testimonials, humorous anecdotes and analyses combined with inspiring visuals and photography”.

The contributors are: BIT, Moos van den Broek, Angelina Deck, Diane Elshout, Jack Gallagher, Karine Guizzo, Daniel Hayward, Erik Kaiel, Michael A. Kroes, Kenzo Kusuda, Bruno Listopad, Giulia Mureddu, Dylan Newcomb/Ilse van Haastrecht, Henk Oosterling, Bart van Rosmalen, Jette Schneider, Eric Schrijver & various dancers

If you would like to get an impression of the book you can download a .pdf file at the Danslab website or get the book for only € 10,- at:

Selling: International Theatre and Film Books Amsterdam
Order at Danslab: write an email to:
with: your name & post address; as well the amount of books you would like order. You will receive your order and an invoice within 3 days.

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