A short update

januari 26th, 2010

The publication of Springdance on Europe in Motion is available and can be requested via Springdance.

I visited Choreoroam in Rotterdam, Bassano del Grappa and London during 2009. Choreoroam is a program for exchange and research and development for choreographers.  Now I am working on an article on the international dialogue in the dance community for Dansateliers based on my observations and on interviews with Choreoroam participants.

Rogier Brom and I are finishing our dialogue on Nieuwe Grond and the cultural climate of Utrecht. It will be available soon on this website and on www.nieuwegrond.com. We both wrote a main text and used these texts to start a dialogue on the various themes we recognised during the Nieuwe Grond symposium.

The symposium on Dance Dramaturgy was a succes. More information and reflection soon on www.bit-dansdramaturgie.nl.

From the first of February untill the end of August 2010 I will work from and in Berlin instead of Utrecht. I hope I will get to know the local dance and performance scene.

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