Processing Dance

februari 10th, 2009

On December 6 and 7 Danslab organised Frame, a two day gathering of choreographers on artistic research, or if you wish: artistic explorative processes. To discuss this topic Danslab proposed to take two (related) types of knowledge as a starting point: embodied knowledge and subjective knowledge. Danslab asked me and two other students in Theatre Studies to join this discussion and write a report. You can read a small teaser here:

Processing Dance
Thinking outside the Frame – Research on choreographic research

By Jochem Naafs

Who defines the product?
What defines the product?
What is the knowledge of dance?

Why would these questions come up if you put about 25 choreographers and dance scholars in one room? I am not sure. Maybe it is because dance is not in any way really tangible. Dance is temporarily. This article reports my thinking and feeling during and after Frame – Research on Choreographic Research. My thoughts have been leading me towards the question what a choreographic product and choreographic knowledge is and can be.

Download the full report (.pdf).

The reports of Nina Aalders and Anoek Nuyens are available on the website of Danslab.

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